Security Surveillance Systems

AVIT has the experience and knowledge to provide a customized security camera solution for your business whether it is large or small.  There are wide variety of systems, capabilities, and customized options and choosing the best fit for your needs is important.  We will come to you to survey your location and discuss your concerns to be sure our solution is the right one for you.


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Peace of Mind


A business can be an expensive venture and one of the most important expenses is your equipment within the office.  A security camera system can provide peace of mind to know that your office is being watched when you leave.  Today's technology provides highly efficient cameras and robust digital video recorders (DVRs) for less cost than you may think.



With security DVRs you can continuously record multiple camera views to view at a later time.  Camera security systems also allow you to view your office(s) from a home internet interface as well as wireless devices such as tablets and smart phones.




As a business owner it is extremely important to make sure that your business is as productive as possible.  A security camera system is an excellent tool to be sure you are are getting the most out of your products, services, and employees. Being able to survey and observe any event, dispute, incident, or accident will allow a business owner to have greater knowledge and control within their office, warehouse, and/or other work environments.




As a business owner it is a great benefit to have video surveillance for the purposes of insurance.  Video documentation is by far the most important form of proof in cases of incidents such as theft.  Surveillance is also very import in cases of fire, flood and any natural disaster damage that may occur.  Additionally, as much as we would like to provide a safe environment for both customers and employees, accidents and injuries may occur.  Video surveillance will provide the documentation you need for all of these situations and can help to keep your business insurance cost to a minimum.