Photography Videography

AVIT has assembled a qualified team that combines all the aspects needed to complete a successful photo and video production from start to finish.  There is no project to large or small.  This applies to every venue, including event photography, documentary videography, web advertisement videos, television, and corporate advertisement, .  A qualified producer will work with you directly to accomplish a successful marketing video that will be your ideal advertising solution.



Documenting special events and ceremonies require the experience of a trained professional.  AVIT can provide everything needed for these important occasions.



AVIT Staff Special Qualifications:


  • Photography studio production


  • Creating comprehensive field environment that would support any customer requirement


  • Creation of a comprehensive management system for archival, commodities, and asset purposes.


  • Creation of standards, processes and procedures for production and photography


  • Creation of an accurate and up-to-the-minute budgeting system in order to keep budgets at or below the requirement.


  • Create a precise communication system to keep stakeholders informed and proactively aware. 


  • Maintaining a constant awareness of technology trends and fluctuations in order to keep abreast of any new systems that would add value to the customer.



The method of advertising your products or services can immediately impact your customer's impression of your company's capabilities.  Video production is an incredible marketing tool that can be used to display your product, define it's capabilities, and immediately attract interest in the quality of your company.



AVIT Staff Special Services:


  • Establishing Marketing objectives


  • Consumer Targeting


  • Pre-production Storyboarding


  • Direction and Filming


  • Video Editing


  •  Review and Consultation


  • Completion and Delivery